ACE LLOYDS is a proud distributor of designer clothing, footwear and accessories. With a dedicated and motivated team of buyers behind us, we ensure to have the latest products available, continuously striving to be one step ahead to give our clients something new and exciting. All of our merchandise is sourced directly from the brand or authorised retailers only.

We have partners network across the globe via whom we supply to wholesalers, retailers, online businesses and many independent outlets.



Historically ACE LLOYDS have specialised in electronics and computing products. We sell products globally. Many of our customers have websites and retail outlets which promote authentic designer brands as well as audio and visual products. This was our route into designer fashion apparel and accessories and it has proved to be very successful.

ACE LLOYDS offers a proficient and beneficial service to both our suppliers and our customers.


ACE LLOYDS we are constantly striving to improve our service and ensure all products we sell are authentic and fully licensed. We take great care to guarantee that all inventory we sell does not infringe copyrights or damage intellectual properties.

Our aim is simple - to give you, the customer, complete peace of mind and total confidence in the products we sell.